Saturday, July 21, 2018

Class and Privilege: Free to Be Anything and Say Everything.

Recent evidence in social humanism has been presented in ways to shock or provoke concepts that force people to expand their thinking or revoke extreme ridiculousness.  
In normal circumstances, persons of social influence who are in the spotlight hold the weight of certain moral responsibility base on their public behavior and speech that may potentially influence masses in behaviors that are unpopular and possibly offensive even if 'only kidding.'  

Thank you, Janelle Money, I mean Janelle MonáeRobinsonfor introducing Pan-Sexuality.  
Ms. Monae did not give her definition of the term ‘pan-sexuality.’ She [Janelle] simply explained to Rolling Stone Magazine, " I consider myself to be a 'free' individual."   Hmmm. 

So, let’s attempt to interpret pansexuality.  Pan applies to the term everything, all; and therefore, sexuality as a preoccupation with sexual matters can mean anything and all things the individual wants is applied to sexuality. Perhaps beyond semantics in this case, Monae is referencing it as a metaphor for simply being 'free to being sexual towards anyone and everything including all forms of sexuality, genders, trans et al.  'Well, success and money certainly can facilitate such sentiments. After all, who doesn't want to feel free to be and do anything or feel free enough to be or say anything. Let's examine Kanye. 

Kanye has been in the top ten of most popular rap artists over last ten years. Here is a man, who probably believes he has come full swing in life with his new-found family, the Kardashians and his sister-mother-in-law Caitlyn Jenner, who possibly is the freest of Americans to do and say whatever money can buy. Henceforth, white male with all the freedom and power that law can provide as set forth since 1776.  A freedom foregone in exchange to have white girl power as an openly transgender whose made his choice visible to the public eye of acceptance.   Nonetheless, Kanye apparently believes that he too has the same freedoms and entitlements as his Kardashian social mega media Republican family.  

Kanye as his wife Kim has made public her support of Donald Trump’s leadership as President including having somewhat a personal and private connection to him.  Trump, who is known for overt racist, sexist, Xenophobic comments also encourages the emboldened attacks on persons of color which have spiked since his presidency.    Kayne emulates Trump when he makes uneducated comments such as his surprise appearance on TMZ that went viral.  West is unaware that his misinformed ramblings about the history of black enslavement was a choice of those enslaved shows blatant ignorance mirroring Trump’s belief that Frederick Douglas living today.

Kanye is blinded by his own self-righteous an unaware that he is nothing more than a self-hating fool; like the character played by Samuel Jackson in Django.  Because Kanye has been accepted in the white world of the rich and famous; yet lost in the sunken place.  He does not realize that he is not Bruce Jenner, formerly an unhappy white male who had all privileges and entitlement to change his sex and gender to become Caitlyn. 

Kanye is not Kim nor Donald Trump nor did he grow up as they did. Being free doesn’t mean 
forgetting where you come from in acknowledging your success today. It’s true that money changes people; particularly the weak.   He is not as savvy as Jonell Monáe to make your statement short and be as non-political as possible.  It is not his forte. He needs to stick to his ‘happy quirky’ current life achievements and condition and stay far away from commentary on black history and politics.  

Class and privilege in America is a result of new money or grandfathered by white entitlements, trusts and inheritance built on the backs of slaves.  Be free Kanye with your new money and rich white Kardashian family; free to say whatever and voice your opinion about your black ancestors who were enslaved by choice.   Meanwhile, don't let your delusional O.J. freedom your ass kicked to the curb, because as soon as you f*k up your freedom shall quickly turn on you.  Then you will remember what it means to be black in American under the foot of class and privilege. 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Run Oprah Run

Why I think Oprah should run for president. Color Purple, #METOO and that election speech at the Golden Globe Awards!